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Gender N/A
Hair None
Race Creatures of Darkness
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Photosaurus art as seen in the Prima strategy guide.

The Photosaurus is a type of the Creatures of Darkness, which have extremely hard hides. They detest the flashlight and disappear under normal lighting conditions.


A Photosaurus being "born"

Jeremy Morton, patriarch of the hated Morton clan, was the first to encounter these oddly-lolloping, fiendish denizens of the dark. While maliciously testing these creatures, he noted their snapping and chameleon-like tongue attacks, and their detestation of light from any source, including room lighting and flashlights. Their approximate likeness to reptiles, and their sensitivity to light inspired Jeremy to create a descriptive name: the Photosaurus (“photo” from the Greek root meaning “derived from light” and “saurus” from the Greek root meaning “lizard” or “reptile”). Abkanis Indian legend also speaks of an enormous nest of Photosaurus eggs hidden in the deepest reaches of the island’s interconnecting tunnels.


They are first encountered in the attic and some areas in the mansion, but more of them are encountered in the World of Darkness.


  • Due to their highly resistant hides, they are nearly impervious to early weapons that are found in the game, but like all Creatures of Darkness, they become extremely vulnerable with light. Shots from powerful weapons, like 5 shots from a shotgun while keeping the flashlight on them, especially on their face, will kill them.
  • A smart way to make all Photosauruses disappear in a room is to quickly locate a light switch in the rooms where they appear. As the lamps turn on, the exposure of the light will immediately make them disappear until it is turned back off.
  • The only way to get rid of Photosauruses in a room permanently is to kill them with the firearms.
  • Photosauruses are more vulnerable to the effects of the flashlight than other creatures in the game, while it does not kill or truly damage them, it will make them flinch and step back.


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