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Plasma cannon
The Plasma cannon.
Effects Flamethrower type weapon.
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

The Plasma Cannon works likes that of a flamethrower, where it uses fuel to create a gust of flame. Like the common stereotype, the weapon is excellent with Zombies (who are actually hybrids of dark creature and human DNA). Both Carnby and Aline are able to use this weapon, however, Aline will only be able to use the initial ammo because there is no additional fuel in her storyline.

Like the other unusual weapons on the island, they were created and sent to Shadow island by either Jeremy or Howard, who knew that light-based weapons are the only weapons that are able to hold back the Creatures of Darkness.


It was said that when he was investigating some of the pits on the island, he encountered a number of entities which he barely escaped from with his life. He then decided to build a weapon that would be suited to close combat, where creatures could be destroyed in seconds. This then led to the development of the Plasma cannon, which utilizes cartridges of natural gas that burns at a high temperature, creating extreme light. The drawback to this weapon is that there is a limited number of these cartridges on the island, as well as the weapon's high consumption rate in using cartridges.

Plasma Cannon details



  • Initially, the weapon's design was slightly different and the gas cartridges to recharge it were blue.