Pregzt's Tomb
Location Underneath Derceto
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

Pregzt's Tomb is a cavern under Derceto Manor that holds the remains of Ezechiel Pregzt. It is accessed via the Dark Maze, the door therein requiring the Gem to unlock. The floor of the room is collapsed into the natural waters of the cavern, allowing Deep Ones to enter the chamber.

The focal point of the room is the haunted tree that contains the spirit of Ezechiel Pregzt. In front of the tree is Pregzt's stone sarcophagus, which acts acts the ritual stone for his evil conjurings. The cover stone is inscribed with many cosmological lines and has a slot for the Talisman to be inserted.

A second entrance to the room is the player's exit, and requires Pregzt's Hook to open the door. If the player is defeated, a Ghoul will be shown entering through this door, dragging the protagonist's body behind them. The protagonist will then be placed on the ritual stone for Pregzt to possess.

Adjacent RoomsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • How the Ghoul opens the secondary door from the other side is unknown, as it is not a course of action available to the player. However, it can be assumed that Pregzt simply willed it open.
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