Ratz swarm
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Ratz are demonic creatures which were formely rats which were enslaved by Lucifer.


These creatures were originally common rats until they were possessed by Lucifer.

The Ratz are monsters similar to insects; while being very small can be extremely annoying because their strength lies in the group, just like the Vampires . They attack by making huge leaps towards the prey to confine them and causing minor damage, they are also able to adhere to the walls, crawling through small lanes and grasping cables or ropes. The behavior of Ratz and their nature will be useful to Carnbyto overcome some puzzles. Some types of Ratz, recognizable by releasing a greenish light and slightly more resistant than others, are able to spit a viscous substance on the eyes of enemies by momentarily blinding them. The Ratz are born by nests, until they are burned, they will continue to generate enemies, and are extremely susceptible to blood.



Like the other creatures of Lucifer, the Ratz are extremely vulnerable to fire, and their small size makes them easily eliminable with one or two drops of strokes, without the need to use bullet bullets (an extremely useful technique against Ratz running through ropes or cables ). Nevertheless, in comparison with a large group of these monsters it is advisable to use alternative strategies: a handcrafted flamethrowerit will prove to be very practical against these enemies but, against those who can spit poison, there will be a risk of being blinded because of the first-person vision, in that case you will have to bump your eyelids repeatedly to regain the sight. Explosions can be of little use as the Ratz will try to stay as close to the prey as possible. Exploiting blood pockets or the skies left by the corps will temporarily disturb these creatures and allow them to group them all at one point. Of great importance is to quickly locate the nest (or nests) that Ratz creates and give it fire so as to prevent these creatures from regenerating.



The Ratz versions of PS2 and Wii appear only in some subway areas and in a museum warehouse. Some specimens are much larger than the Xbox360, PS3 and PC counterparts, and are not born from nests, absent in this release.



Ratz's nests can easily be destroyed by electric shock or investment with cars as well as with fire.

-Pressing the attack button without extracting any weapon will cause Carnby to kick a Ratz. This is a necessary element when completing Xbox360 / PS3 goals.

Alone in the Dark (2008)/ Alone in the Dark: Inferno