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report from Captain J.W. Norton

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Type Notebook
Author Captain J.W. Norton
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

This book is located on the 1st Floor of Derceto Manor. It is inside Jeremy's Study in the corner shelf. It is found along with the Record, Camille Saint-Saëns' Danse Macabre aka The Dance of Death. It is a report of how J.W. Norton and his men killed Pickford and burned Derceto.


of the Army
of the Union

June 17, 1862. The South was in
collapse. Louisiana was open to us. I
had, each day, to requisition victuals for
our troops, and was aided in this
endeavour by a score of brave men. The
rebels were not yet ready to lay down
their arms. The region was far from
safe. I headed further and further west
and questioned many freed slaves.
From them I learned of a plantation
on the coast. Its name was Derceto.

We received a less than hearty welcome.
Only Pickford, the owner, behaved in
a friendly manner. While my men
counted cattle and grain reserves, I
learned what I could from him. The
man was most unusual and possessed an
extraordinarily cultured mind. At
nightfall, I gave orders for the men to
bivouac at Derceto. Pickford invited
my second in command, lieutenant
Patterson, and myself to dine.

The evening was splendid and our host
proved a most entertaining
conversationalist. While coffee was
being served, Patterson went to inspect
the men’s camp. The cigar Pickford
offered me was so acrid that my head
began to spin.

I remembered camp-fire tales of fellow
officers trapped by devilish Confederate
tricks. My mind floated in a foul and
dense fog, from which emerged the
enlarged and deformed face of
Pickford. He grinned at me.

Patterson’s return chased off the
nightmare. I heard shouts and firing
from outside and found the strength to
take out my revolver. I fired three
shots. Pickford fell to the floor.
Patterson then helped me out of the
burning house. The air was filled with
smoke. We resembled a company in
disorderly retreat. I saw slaves leaping
into the flames of that inferno. They
were trying to save Pickford’s life.

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