Roots of Evil were a type of evil roots that were similar to the Fissures-related monsters in Alone in the Dark (2008). Destroying all of them in the game results in an achievement. They are a harmless enemy, spread throughout what is left of Central Park in the game and the only way to destroy them is to use fire on them. More precisely the player can "kill" them by using a spray can combined with a lighter, by shooting a bottle of alcohol, a spray can or a vehicle next to the roots. One can also pour alcohol or gasoline on the ground and shoot it with fire bullets or by using the lighter on the substance. Shooting with incendiary bullets or normal bullets has no effect on the roots, as well as crashing on them with a car. Although the player is mostly free to choose how to "kill" the roots, at times there are scripted ways to destroy them, as for example driving a car on a piece of rope which acts as a trampoline for another vehicle, which is on fire, making it fly right on the root.

Role Edit

The roots are fundamental for Lucifer, as it uses them to "suck" the energy from the earth, to relocate it to the immediate vicinities of the entrance of Hermes' underground hiding spot (also used to challenge Edward in his final stages of the Path of light). Lucifer has created a shield to prevent anyone from accessing or leaving said place. It is necessary to destroy all of the roots, to eliminate the shield.

Defences Edit

As the roots themselves cannot harm the player and defend themselves, they are either in a hard-to-reach location and/or they are guarded by one enemy type or more, such as Humanz, evolved Humanz, Ratz, Dark Liquid and also by the fissures. However, it is not rare to find some of them completely undefended.

Types Edit

There are only two types of roots: small and big ones. There are differences between the two, which go beyond simple size. For example smaller roots are sometimes undefended or have weaker and less enemies compared to bigger ones, which will always have strong defences, that will test the player's abilities. Furthermore smaller roots give less points for spectral vision (from two to three), compared to bigger ones (from three to four).

Spectral vision Edit

By destroying roots Edward acquires spectral vision points, which are capped at 100. By killing all roots, the player obviously gets all 100 Spectral vision points. This special ability allows the player to see the fissures more clearly and also the roots of evil and the shield.

First encounters Edit

The roots are usually to be destroyed by the end of the game, but actually the very first encounters take place, depending on the player's actions, right before meeting back with Sarah, doctor Hartford and the ambulance driver after leaving the sewers.

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