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Seal of Pregzt
The in-game icon of the Seal of Pregzt.
Type objective-based, inserted into a pedestal to enable continue through the level
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: Illumination

The Seal of Pregzt was an item that appeared in the Beneath the Graves level, The Coffinmaker in Alone in the Dark: Illumination. The icon on the seal resembles a crescent.This item, along with the other seals were only seen in that level.

In-game Appearance[]

This item can be placed on a pedestal in order to help continue on through the game. this particular Seal was the last objective in the level, and when placed on its pedestal opened up a secret entrance in the church. Unlike the other seals, however, the seal was divided into two half-pieces in two separate locations. The locations for the two halves appear to be randomized, most likely located on one of the Gravestones.


  • The item is named for Ezechiel Pregzt, the primary antagonist from the first Alone in the Dark game.
  • The names of the Seals were taken from people who had dabbled with the Cthulhu mythos or at least the creatures that resembled them.

half of the Seal of Pregzt