The Semi Ramp Glitch is a glitch that occurs in Chapter Four of Alone in the Dark (2008).

Executing The Glitch Edit

WARNING: Performing this glitch may corrupt your save file or otherwise glitch the rest of your game. It is highly recommended that you save your game before you attempt this glitch.

During the puzzle where Edward must jump over the gap near the museum by using the raised flatbed of a semi truck, it is possible (if rather difficult) to vault over the top of the truck and the gap even if the ramp is not up. If one hits the top of the truck with enough speed while driving, the car should vault over the gap and make it to the other side. Doing so, however, can severely glitch the level, causing parts of the stage to load improperly or not load at all (fire effects, an invisible lock on the gate, physics-affected scenery, etc.). In some cases, the game may be so glitched that Edward can walk through solid objects (clipping) or fall through the bottom of the world, often causing him to die in the process.

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