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Shorty Leg
Gender Male
Status ??
Race Zombie Pirate?
Location(s) Hell's Kitchen


Jeremiah Johnson Tecker, known better by his alias Shorty leg, was a member of One Eyed Jack's crew and the first boss character encountered in Alone in the Dark II. He first appears in the hedge maze and later reappears in the wine cellar on the Flying Dutchman.


Jeremiah was described by One Eyed Jack to have been born in Cork presumably in 1703. In 1717, he was 14 years old when he became a prisoner aboard a navy ship known as the Shark, before managing to escape from the brig and destroy the captain's cabin, possibly with the captain inside, with a cannon. However, the resulting recoil managed to sever his right leg, forcing the adolescent freebooter to fashion a wooden leg to replace it.

At some point, One Eyed Jack discovered Jeremiah as the latter was sailing on a makeshift raft for two weeks, presumably two weeks after the felling of the Shark. In the time during his journey, he would evaporate the salt from the seawater via a cooking pot and the sun's ray to make drinkable water, while also catching fish by bludgeoning them with his wooden leg. When welcomed aboard the Jolly Roger, he became the crew's official surgeon and medical expert.

Shorty leg.png

He was involved in the shipfight against the Flying Dutchman, then owned by Captain Nichols. After the crew and their captain were slaughtered, him and the other leuitenants proceeded to break the locks on the ships hold, anticipating treasure.


Shorty Leg first appears in the hedge maze beneath the statue of Captain Nichols ambushing Edward Carnby as the latter searched for a means to enter the mansion Hell's Kitchen. The pair begin a shootout between each other before Carnby is eventually victorious, Carnby soon spouting "Roast in Hell!" as Shorty leg collapsed dead before him.

Later, aboard the Flying Dutchman, Carnby happens upon the reincarnation of Shorty Leg within the Wine Cellar, the pair beginning another round of gunplay between each other. Carnby is once again victorious, and Shorty Leg dissolves into a mere skeleton and collapses, leaving behind a large variety of resources for Carnby to loot.


Shorty Leg's weapon of choice is his wooden leg, the leg itself actually being a confined firearm capable of shooting when the leg is raised and outstretched. Because of this, during his confrontation, his is incapable of attacking when walking. Like the patrolling henchmen of the mansion, Shorty Leg can become stuck on a corner and be unable to shoot Carnby from around it, though Carnby should still be able to shoot Shorty Leg.

In his later confrontation, there are no corners within the wine cellar room to exploit Shorty Leg. A substitute strategy is to simply use a melee weapon instead of a fire arm, as Shorty leg will be unable to attack when receiving an attack.


In his initial appearance, he appears to have a pallid skin complexion, possibly due to his zombification, and his hair is an aged blonde colour. He wears a moss green double-breasted dress coat, along with a moss green pair of dress pants and a fedora to match. His undershirt is grey and he wears a tan brown shoe on his left foot.

In his later encounter, he wears a moss green 1700s navy dress coat with a red collar. He wear a pair of grey linen pants and a tan boot on his left foot, along with a purple admiral's hat with a golden rim on his head. He carries a bottle of rum in his left hand, possibly alluding to him being an alcoholic.


All of Shorty Leg's potential introductory quotes are reused from the henchmen patrolling within the hedge maze.

  • "Morning, sir!"
  • "Hi, guy!"
  • "Hey you!"


Like most characters, he was given texture-mapping in the 1996 ports of Alone in the Dark II, rather than the flat shading look of the original game.

  • Taking a particular shortcut (a gray tile to the right of the entrance to Hell's Kitchen) you can avoid going through the labyrinth by finding yourself directly in the basement of the villa. This way you can avoid colliding with all enemies, including Shorty Leg. The pirate document, the newspaper page, and the first part of Ted Striker 's notebook will automatically appear in the inventory. Even the second fight can be ignored as it does not provide any useful object for the continuation of the game.
  • The model of his skeleton, visible when you kill him in pirate form, is equipped with a prosthesis in the leg.

Shorty Leg on the Flying Dutchman



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