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Slaughter Gulch
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Location Mojave Desert, CA

Slaughter Gulch is a fictional town established in the Mojave Desert and the main setting of Alone in the Dark 3. At its peak, it reached a population of 111 (as indicated in the wooden sign at the entrance).


Slaughter Gulch was an area formerly known as The Field of Braves, which included the graves of Mojave Indians. A prospector named Jed Stone came by these fields, buried his hands in the Mojave graves and found himself a golden artifact in the shape of a bird.

Word then spread around and a host of prospectors came and dug the ground for eleven days, and slaughtered the Mojave Indians who resided there. A town was then founded on the site, with Jed in charge, who invested heavily in economy and science, with the intention of making Slaughter Gulch the most prosperous town in the region, even if hiring convicts for workmanship and rising buildings over sacred ground were deemed necessary.

According to events described in numerous documents, Slaughter Gulch thrived because of intense gold mining and transportation, which were very profitable activities during the Gold Rush.

Despite all the success and prosperity, the town came to an unexpected end, when a government agent and a Railroad Company representant were, for unknown reasons, lynched by Jed Stone and his thugs. Tobias MacCarthy, along with other prospectors, chased them to the mountains, where they were later killed by falling rocks, due to an explosion.


  • Slaughter Gulch, according to its map, is located in a mountainous region, in the middle of the desert.
    • It is very likely located in Sierra Nevada, which is located within the Mojave Desert, in the Californian portion, where the game takes place, and holds all the needed similarities. 
    • As Sierra Nevada was essencial to the Californian Gold Rush, this possibility seems even more likely to be true.
    • It is also possible that it is located near the American River, due to its proximity to San Francisco, where Carnby lives and works.




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