Location(s) Derceto: Various.
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

Spiders are enemies in Alone in the Dark (1992) that appear in two sizes.


Small Spider Edit

Six small spiders appear in the Forest Room, when the player finds the arrows in the statue of Artemis. These spiders are slow, but invincible.

Giant Spider Edit

Giant Spider image

Giant Spider underground

A giant spider is hiding in a hole in a circular room of the Cthonian Tunnels. It emerges as the player approaches, and will attack if the player gets in range.


Small Spider Edit

The small spiders swarm swiftly, sealing your fate with a deadly bite.Avoid the small spiders with quick backpedaling.

Giant Spider (Young Spider of Leng) Edit

The Spider of Leng is slow, but brutal and relentless. Its bite is quite damaging, and it can stun lock you in the tight tunnels left by the Chthonian.

There is no known way to kill the giant spider; it is completely invulnerable to all attacks and does not recoil or even react to assaults from the most damaging weapons. However, the player can lure it to the pit it came from, causing it to fall and disappear. This difficult-but-satisfying victory is accomplished by quickly-and-carefully running to lead the Spider of Leng away from its hole and then dashing back past it and not stopping until Emily/Edward is on the far side of the hole. The Spider will simply keep creeping toward the protagonist and fall into the hole between them!

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  • The spiders in the Forest Room only have six legs.
  • The larger spider may in fact be a young Spider of Leng (as mentioned in H.P. Lovecraft's Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath).
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