Storage Closet (3rd Floor)
3rd Floor Storage 2
Location Derceto
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)
3rd Floor Storage 1

The stairway to the Loft.

The Storage Closet on the third floor is the room the player enters after leaving the Loft. This small room features cracked, plaster walls and a broken window. A small wall vent provides air to the room and the Loft. The closet contains a wooden cabinet, large wooden shelves to hold various supplies, and a counter. The room has one door leading to the third floor hallway and a staircase leading to the Loft. Leaning against the shelving unit is a Bow. The player can find an Oil Can by searching the shelves. No monsters are encountered in this room.

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  • Sometimes after descending the stairs, the protagonist will turn around and walk back up, preventing any progression in the game. This can usually be avoided by turning to the left or right before walking forward.