Study (3rd Floor)
3rd Floor Study 2
Location Derceto
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)
3rd Floor Study 1

Two pictures can been seen on the walls.

The Study is found through the north west door on the 3rd Floor. The room is decorated with red walls and has a window facing north.

The furniture consists of a wooden, two-door dresser, an average desk, a chair with a green clothed seat, a divan with green fabric, and a chest. On the wall above the divan hangs a portrait of a pirate. On the wall across from the window is a small picture of a cupid holding a mirror. This picture can only be seen when the door is shut.


Do not step on the tapestry. If you do, the door will slam shut and you'll have to fight a Ghoul when you open it again. Walk carefully towards the desk, search it for the key and open the chest for the Old Calvary Sabre. which will come in handy later. If you did commit the mistake of stepping on the tapestry, simply use the Old Calvary Sabre to kill the Ghoul. It should be easy, but the Sabre will break, so remember to pick the broken blade piece. The Sabre is needed to solve a puzzle later on.

Adjacent RoomsEdit