Subway Monster
Subway Monster
Status Deceased
Relations Lucifer (Creator)
Museum Monster (Sibling)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: Inferno

The unnamed Subway Monster is a creature created by Lucifer that chases Edward Carnby in the subways beneath Central Park. This creature is similar to the unnamed Museum Monster. It is exclusive to Alone in the Dark: Inferno, the PlayStation 3 version of 2008's Alone in the Dark.


The Subway Monster is one of the most powerful Monster created by Lucifer, with the purpose to find the Philosopher's Stone during his rise in Central Park.


When Edward attempts to leave the museum using the Subway, he manages ti successfully free the train and starts to move towards the outside. However, at the same time, he is seen by the Subway Monster, which starts to move towards him with aggressive intentions, even pursuing the train in the underground. The detective manages to fight him with several molotov, until the Monster is finally defeted.


The Subway Monster can't attack Edward directly; neverheless, it can destroy the train's vagone Edward is on, leading to the detective's death. Like all Lucifer's creations, the Subway Monster is vulnerable to fire, but only to molotov bottles, as simple bullets can't stop it. While several molotov bottles are required to finish it, a single one can temporaly stun and slow it down. It's necessary to repeat the process until the fight it is over, as, if left unattached, it destroys the train's vagone much faster, leading to game over.



  • The Subway Monster is similar in design to the Museum Monster. Unlike the latter, the former is unable to speak; instead appearing more bestial and only able to roar. As a result, it's not sure if it's directly controlled by Lucifer or it has some kind of independence. The Subway Monster is similarly arachnid in its moves; possessing several legs with which it crawls across rails.
  • The Subway Monster is one of the few creatures, along with the Museum Monster and Queen Vampirez, not to vanish in a cloud of black smoke when defeated.

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