Ted Stryker
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Race Human

Ted Stryker was the senior partner of "Supernatural private Eye" Edward Carnby. He died trying when he unsuccesssfully tried to reach and rescue a young kidnapped girl abducted by mysterious gangsters.


ted Stryker was the senior partner of "Supernatural Private Eye" Edward Carnby. Recently, both Ted and Carnby were investigating the kidnapping of a young girl named Grace Saunders. The trails eventually led to Hell's kitchen, which is the home of a gangster boss and his gang. Ted went on his own in order to reach and rescue Grace, where he was killed by a large malicious clown doll controlled by an evil sorceress, Elizabeth Jarret.

Carnby, having heard that his former mentor was missing, decides to get to the bottom of this.

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Stryker body

Stryker's body

While exploring the catacombs, he encounters Ted's dead body. When checking his pockets, he find a few items, as well as a post-houmous note to Carnby.



Ted Stryker's body is found below the garden maze in the underground entrance to the wine cellar and mansion. For some reason, it's possible to push his body off a platform into a bottomless pit, with Carnby protesting "I wouldn't do this to a friend!" and then later "What a fall! Was that a good idea?"

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