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Jeremy's Note
Ted Striker note.png
Type Book?
Source Ted Stryker's corpse

This is the whole notebook that belongs to Ted Stryker that Carnby finds. One half is on Ted Stryker's body. The other is found in the maze. This is found in Alone in the Dark II.


Carnby, if you read this, it means that I am dead. The Saunders child was kidnapped by One Eyed Jack, despite what the

newspaper claimed. That man is a

monster, obsessed with gambling and

death. Hell's Kitchen is full of secret
passages. I am sure that for one of them,

the solution is in the cards. Remember

our poker games.
I can also tell you that the gang
makes whiskey in the cellar and
transports it by boat at high tide from a cave
in the cliff.

Carnby, you must rid the world of
that filth and save the girl, if you can.
It is time for the slave to be
stronger than the master.