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The Creatures of the Night
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Type Manuscript
Author Hubertus the Bald (originally)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

The Creatures of the Night was a manuscript located in Derceto that was in a second story bedroom that is next to the gallery.


The Creatures
of Night
By Hubertus
the Bald

translated from Latin
by his brother in prayer
Fratre Johan Markus.

Of Monstrosity
You who read me, know that

night engenders monsters and that
night creatures exist. The
accursed book of Abdul Al
Azred is clear on this matter:
”That is not dead which can
eternal lie”. Unhappy he who
knows that book.
Unhappy he whose eyes alight
upon that foulest of texts.
Unhappy he who implores the
standing stones. For he will free
the powers of darkness.

Of the Pit
Stagnant waters are like the

memory of men. Beneath the
surface calm, clawed beasts await
and are known to initiates as the
Deep Ones.
Awaiting his prey, the Deep One
seizes him and drags him down to
the abyss where Dagon the cruel
god swims and reveres him whose
name may not be pronounced.

Of Libraries
Unhappy he who frees the

prowler. Unhappy he who meets
the prowler erring among the books.
He generates the vagabond that
comes from other spheres. He
believes the vagabond does not exist.
He will feel the embrace of death
for, in the eyes of the vagabond,
books are no more than dreams,
stone no more than wind. The
vagabond knows how to take the
breath of the reckless.

Of Strife
He who speaks does not know

and believes he is able to kill the
creatures of the night. Folly.
Evil is conjured up by science
and secrecy. He who prowls among
books will perish by the blade. He
who flies in the dark caverns will
scream in fear. He who swims in
the depths will evaporate. But he
who believes he knows, knows
nothing. He who knows, says

Of Death
There are domains more

terrible than death. That is not
dead which can eternal lie. Each
creature is conjured up and is not
dead but returns to the origins. A
monster, a science. Steel kills the
vagabond who never dies.

Translator’s note.
+ +
Here ends the manuscript of
Hubertus, who died in the library
of the convent of Taroella in the
year of Our Lord 1666.
Requiescat in pace.
+ + +


  • The name Hubertus the Bald is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Hubert Chardot, writer for classic Alone in the Dark games.
  • "Requiescat in pace" is the Latin form of "rest in peace".

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