The Loft
Attic 1
Location Derceto
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

The Loft is the first area in Alone in the Dark. After arriving at the mansion, Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood makes his/her way upstairs to search the Loft for an antique piano. The Loft's large, open space allows the player to get use to moving around and searching containers. Its two enemies teach the player simple combat.


During the introduction, when Derceto Manor is first seen, the Loft light is found to be on. In the next scene, someone's old gnarled hands can be seen on either side of the window sill. This figure watches as the player slowly approaches the manor.

After the introduction, the player is found standing in the center of the Loft. The Loft is largely empty, and aside from a few boxes, a chest, a dresser, a small bookshelf, and an antique piano, it provides the player ample moving space. On the table, directly in front of the player, lies the Oil Lamp. The chest contains the Rifle, the player's first weapon. Within the dresser rests a Old Indian Cover. On the bookshelf, the player can find an Extract from the Golden Fleece and Jeremy's Letter is found in a secret compartment on the side of the piano.

After several moments of exploring, the camera angle changes and a Demon Chicken can be seen making a dash at the window. He then crashes though and lunges to attack the player. This can be prevented by pushing the dresser in front of the window. The creature will still break the window, but will roar and retreat when he hits the dresser.

On the floor by the piano lies a trap door. If unaltered, the trap door slowly opens and a Ghoul rises from the space underneath. To prevent this encounter, push the chest containing the Rifle over the trap door. The weight from the chest prevents the door from opening and traps the Ghoul inside. He can then be heard banging on the trapdoor.

Adjacent Rooms



  • The Loft was the first room drawn for the game.


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