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Tobias McCarthy
Tobias McCarthy.png
Gender Male
Hair Auburn
Eyes Yellow
Race Caucasian (Undead)
Location(s) Slaughter Gulch
Relations Edward Carnby (Ally)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 3

Tobias McCarthy is the owner of the General Store in Slaughter Gulch and a minor character in Alone in the Dark 3 that used to be the leader of the riot against Jed Stone.


Tobias owned the General Store when the town was still inhabited and was the leader of the riot that caused the death of Jed Stone and his henchmen.

Events of Alone in the Dark 3[]

He is found in the General Store by Carnby, after the one slides his way out of the Town Hall.

McCarthy refers to him as a friend and offers his aid to help him reach the Train Station, after giving him Jed's ransom letter and a detonator.

However, he's later killed by a deputy with a shotgun blast to the chest and never being heard, seen or spoken of again.


McCarthy is completely harmless to Carnby and an ally.

If he is killed by the player, it becomes impossible for the player to make progress in the game, and the only way to make progress after killing McCarthy is by reloading a previous save file.


  • McCarthy is the only undead being in the game that appears friendly to Carnby;
  • McCarthy being an ally to Carnby may be due to the fact that he was the leader of the riot against Jed Stone, with him and Carnby sharing the same objective.