• I live in Within the Ruins.
  • Komodoros

    As a great fan of Alone in the dark series, it's been a great ride. Until 2001.

    The trilogy still gives me creeps, and i'm grown up. My worst nightmare is being stuck in a mansion or a dead town, like Slaughter Gulch, full of pirates and cowboys. Thanks infogrames.

    First, Alone in the dark 1. It had so many puzzles, it was an extremely challenging game for the time it was made. And also it had so many trial-and-error. Death is almost certain when playing it. It's impossible to not die in your first playthrough, unless you're a genius to figure out the clues. It is definitely, the father of horror game genre. A masterpiece.

    Second, The Alone in the dark 2. It wasn't so creepier and it had much more combat. Puzzles were simpler, but still, the …

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