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Abkanis Tablets Translations
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Abkanis Tablets Translations was book that contained details of the seven Gods of Light that were worshipped by the Abkani idnians.


Their words are like spears,
like lightning, bringing great
rolls of thunder; they emanate
from the mouths of the gods
themselves. You, Witchdoctor,
who read them. Beware! The
danger they conceal is far
greater than the power you

The terrible anger of the
Great Hecatonchires will rain
down on any usurper.

Know this, witchdoctor, that
this language was passed down
by your father, from your
father's father and beyond. It
is your flesh; it is your blood.
Your duty is to serve the
humankind, in its battle
against the shadows of the night

The ritual to open the gate

can only be acomplished
during the 18th cycle of the
moon. Witchdoctor, you will
need to invoke the seven names
of the seven gods of light:
Hecatonchires , Gilgamesh,
Ouphenos, Anticoalt,
Heliopaner, Melacanth

Then observe the flight of the
children in the sky. If their
wings beat the air, renounce
the ritual for only great
sorrow shall come of it.
If they hold their wings in the
currents however, prepare
yourself for the longest night
of your life.Pure and fearless
of spirit, you must stand before
the gate. Here, invoke the
Gods of Light one last time,
and then kneel down. Proclaim
clearly these sacred words
'Olar Hekbati Anous Herio
Bon'aza Ternas Ange Helier
Zair Hecatonchires'
And prepare thyself for the
final combat