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The Mines of Lorwich

First level

The unnatural darkness that blanketed the remote town of LORWICH, VIRGINIA did not deter THEODORE 'TED' CARNBY. The shadows seemed to have eyes, but so what? If his experience as a 'supernatural private investigator' (a label he neither invited nor appreciated) had taught Carny anything, it was that fear makes for a poor traveling companion, especially when facing the unknown.

A year ago, the DELUGE MULTINATIONAL COMPANY, under the direction of billionaire CEO MITCH PRESTON, purchased and reopened the defunct Lorwich coal mine. Ever since then, rumors of accidents and bizarre animal attacks had leaked out from the troubled township. That was until last week, when Lorwich went silent. No communication in or out; all those sent to check did not return. It was as if the town had vanished into another dimension.

Carnby's new client (a self-described concerned party) wanted to know why. The client had requested Carnby rendezvous with one of his employees, a contact waiting for him, right now, at an elevator shaft not far from his present position. The contact, the client insisted, possessed 'valuable information' that would help Ted get to the bottom of the Lorwich mystery. Ted very much doubted that, but check cleared so here he was.

But right now, as Carnby set foot in the derelict train station that would lead him to his rendezvous point, Ted's indifference shifted to vigilance. For, as Ted would soon remember, it is not the eyes in the shadows that are dangerous, it's the teeth.

Perilous Descent

Canby's concerns were well justified. A horde of unearthly abominations had overrun the streets of Lorwich, and Carnby once again found himself forced to do battle with monsters for both his job and his life. "Business as usual then," thought Ted. These aberrations were aggressive, ravenous and seemed to come from everywhere and anywhere. Their tide was not easily stemmed, though light seemed to slow and weaken them.

Safe in the shaft room for now, Carnby considered the fate of the Lorwich residents. With these things on the prowl there ought to be thousands of casualties: Deluge Corporation security staff, miners and their families. Yet he had seen barely any dead townsfolk so far. Did they hide? Were they abducted? Were these creatures just really hungry?

The cadavers Carnby had seen he recognized as belonging to an order of cultists who, if he recalled correctly, worshiped one of the ancient Outer Gods. They were bound, maimed and strewn around the town like Halloween decorations. Carnby had dealt with their kind before, and thought their presence in Lorwich was troubling. Carnby was fairly certain this order did not possess the resources, ability or zealotry to instigate this kind of cross-dimensional incursion.

Near the mine elevator Carnby found his 'contact'. At least her corpse was mostly intact. Still the client's 'valuable information' had expired with her and Ted was momentarily at a loss as to what to do next. Then he saw the contact had posthumously left him a message. Words scrawled nearby in her own blood.

"Head to the bottom. Light the furnace. Preston found i..." The message, and her life, had ended there.

So, for now, Carnby reckoned, the answers lied on the lowest level of the mine. And so, for now, down he would go. The rickety elevator beckoned.

The Hollow Catacombs


His lungs filled with the detritus from the blast that had just created his makeshift exit, Carnby paused to catch his breath. Despite the massing menace gnashing outside, he still sought answers.

There was nothing profitable that might justify Deluge's investment into the mine. reopening this facility seemed like an act of insanity. Financial suicide. But Carnby knew the company's sociopathic CEO Mitch Preston was obsessed with the legend of Old Ones.

If Carnby was to truly uinderstand Preston's intentions and uncover what was behind the dark invasion and downfall of this small town, he would need to press on.

Not that he had much choice. he could not go back now. He was past the point of no return.

The Infernal Furnace


Beneath the Graves

Factory of Fear

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