The Mines of Lorwich

The Ghost Town


Gabriella Saunders came to Lorwich due to a deep sense of family. Her father had vanished on the eve of her wedding. The only clue left behind was a map of Virginia and a handwritten note "Fear, Death, Dark, Lorwich, Suffering, Old, Ancient and ZZ"

While she may have arrived in Lorwich from a sense of duty, she would grow to rue the day she found the town. For she would trade in her family obligations for one of revenge. In the end, the Darkness had to be sated With her blood or another's. It made no difference.


Given her father's history of depression, Gabriella worried she was somehow responsible for his disappearance.

Perilous Descent


Gabriella's name came from Gabriel, the Angel, and means "Devoted to God" in Hebrew.

Her father gave her that name as a gesture of hope. Hope that his infant daughter would know the faith he had lost.

After her initiation into what had taken over the town, she needed all the protection she could get. From angels. From prayers. From incantations and rabbits' feet. Gabriella would take it all.


As no quarter would be given from the Darkness, Gabriella made it her goal to give no quarter in return.



The mines of Lorwich had to have been what lured her father there. He had once been a promising mining engineer. Until the day he came home shaken from the mines.

One night thereafter, she saw her father, trying to explain to his wife that it wasn't the bodies, or the coffins that brought waves of night terrors crashing upon him.

Her father had to be seeking answers to those long-ago unanswered questions. She knew her destination was below. She had to follow him.





Beneath the Graves

The Coffinmaker

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