right Now, i might try and make a constructive discussion as to why Illumination was not the game some of the people were hoping for.

Here are somew dot points of what was missing.

  • The regular bosses (with the exception of the last one- I'll explain more later) were the same, and with the same tactics
  • Not to put the Ultimate Big Bad as just a monster with a big amount of health, it is a Great Old God
  • Needed more diverse monsters than the ranged attack monster, dog monster
  • Speaking of the above note, need some monsters to look more "Lovecraftian" (e.g. Shoggoth for example?)
  • Make the setting more dynamic (more reactive to combat?)- like it look like there is a story to be told, like a makeshift temple and monster crawl out angry because the player has desecrated the area.
  • Make the playable character quests show (add a bit of a hint with the storyline other than the writing intro. - e.g. show the remains of the Witch's sisters, give one of the holy seals to the priest, etc.)
  • Put in some surprises (ala Doom 3)- and some tense non-action moments (hporro is meant to be a roller coaster, soemtimes the scariness has more feeling to it when there is a bit of a lull in the combat)
  • Have some cutscenes (particular during a lovecraftian boss fight e.g.)
  • Explain what has happened to the citizens
  • I think the game should have the same feel as the first diablo, going into that church with sepulchures around- and encountering a mad deranged monster with a hint of intelligence ("fresh meat")
  • For a bonus: they should have books around the place and when picked up could begin an transcript (i know books don't become audio, it would be like someone reading it)
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