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Due to his unflinching faith in God, Father Giger was recruited at an early age into one of the secret societies of the Holy See.

It wasn't blind faith that led him to report directly to the Pope, it was his rare ability to simultaneously believe and yet question those beliefs, to actively seek the truth no matter where it took him, mentally of physically. Alone in the Dark: Illumination Edit

It was now, in Lorwich, Virginia, that Giger would again test the bounds of his faith. During his years serving the Vatican, Giger had experienced unmentionable circumstances and has been pushed to the limits of mind, spirit and body. There was, however, a common thread throughout these situations. The thread stopped in Lorwich.

The Vatican left him with little instruction. The only direct order, at this point, was to head to the elevator shaft in the mines of Lorwich, and await instructions. Not from the Papal Office, but from God, himself. He was given three Seals that would open, individually, "when the time was right".

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