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Vagabond creature.png
Race Interdimensional Shambler
Location(s) Derceto, in the Library.
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

The Vagabond is a monster that only appears in the Library of Derceto Manor.


Referred to in a parchment as a 'god' (likely a proxy of Shub-Niggurath), the Vagabond is an interdimensional predator, summoned to this plane through a ritual sacrifice called the Workshop of the Goat with a Thousand Young. Just as the summoning requires the use of a specific dagger (curved blade), the Vagabond can only be dispatched through the use of a specific dagger (sinusoidal blade).


Compared to the other ghosts in the game, the Vagabond is fairly slow-moving and can (barely) be outrun by the player. Therefore, they should avoid the vagabond until after accessing the Ritual Chamber; it is an invulnerable and powerful foe whose blows inflict 2 health damage each. In the ritual chamber, the dagger with a sinusoidal blade can be found. Using this dagger will kill the Vagabond with one hit.



  • The Vagabond summarizes many of the typical elements of creatures arised from HP Lovecraft (being evoked by other dimensions, not being composed of material etc.) it is also said that he is an emissary of the goddess Shub-Niggurath.
  • The Vagabond is the only ghostly creature immediately hostile to the player: all other ghosts, if not disturbed, will simply ignore it.
  • Defeating the vagabond is not strictly necessary to complete the game. The player can ignore it and recover the stone talisman MNAR from the secret room and then get out of the library.
  • The use of a cloud of loose polygons to represent the Vagabond is an allusion to its extradimensional nature. In addition, the Vagabond is the only known entity in this game which deliberately passes through solid objects (including the table and the bookcases).
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