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Vial of poison
Vial of poison
Source Mountain Laboratory
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 3
for the item in Alone in the Dark 2, se Poison!

Vial of poison was an item in Alone in the Dark 3. It is found on a table in the mountain laboratory. It can be used on the needle, which is the only thing that will defeat the mutant hutchinsen.

it can be used with the coils in the same room, to make Carnby shrink. Carnby uses it twice, getting into the cell containing Hutchinson and into the mousehole in order to continue through the game.

There is enough in the bottle to be used three times, once to enter into the cell containing Hutchinses, another to dip the needle into the poison to kill Hutchinsen, and then used in the coils to enter the mousehole in the laboratory to the Spider Mutant Pen.

Empty bottle of poison

In the inventory menu, there are three options: eat/drink, use, or drop. Drinking it will result in instant death.

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