Dr. William Hartford
Gender Male
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Dark brown
Status Unknown
Race Asian
Location(s) New York City, NY
Voice Actor(s) Matthew Piazzi
Game(s) Alone in the Dark

Dr. William Hartford is a paramedic who appears as a minor character in Alone in the Dark. He is voiced by Matthew Piazzi.


William Hartford is a serious man who can barely maintain control in the middle of the disaster that broke out in New York. Along with his colleague Drake, he finds himself in Central Park to try to provide assistance to all injured people he can find, revealing a great sense of duty. When she meets Carnby he shows understanding and competent against him, however when checking her data on the computer remains understandably stunned. Later it becomes convinced that it is a mistake and proposes to him and Sarah to stay on ' ambulance , while respecting their decision to go to the Museum .

Biography Edit

There is no information before Alone in the Dark: Inferno.

Alone in the Dark Edit

XBox 360 / PS3 / PC Edit

During the disaster that broke out in New York, Dr. William Harford and his colleague Drake found in an ambulance to Central Park, trying to help all people in need. Edward Carnby and Sarah Flores glimpsed the first time their vehicle in the park, just after Theophile Paddington committed suicide. As the detective was injured when it crashed with a taxi , Sarah tries to attract the attention of the ambulance with assistance from him to go up a slope and starts to chase the ambulance. Edward, however, after collecting the PDA Theo calls 911 and to answer is precisely Hartford who tells him to find a first aid kit from one of the bathrooms in the park, then sends him a message in which he explains in detail how to heal a wound . Hartford is finally reached by Sarah who explains the situation of Edward (including amnesia), suggesting to find a place to wait for the detective. When it reaches them medical Hartford the most of his wound and, as Crowley revealed to Edward her name, does a search on the ambulance computer to find out his identity. The data reveal that the detective would be born in 1897 and who, inexplicably, would centenary. Despite the revelation, dr. Hartford tries to comfort Carnby suggesting that it may be a computer error, however, you decide to send the entire file to the message. Soon after, due to other emergency calls, he asks the detective Sarah and if they want to continue with them but they decide to proceed on their way to the Museum.

PS2 / Wii Edit

In the PS2 and Wii versions of the role of dr. Hartford is extended. It is contacted by Carnby when he discovers that she was injured and suggested finding a public restroom, once you find the detective called him back to him explain how to stop the bleeding. Meanwhile Hartford met Sarah Flores which he explains the amnesia of Carnby and, once you understand that these are on the phone with the doctor, we agree to meet at an old shipyard. Once Edward reaches the place, all three start with the ambulance driven by Drake. During the trip the doctor checks the wound and Carnby, it has demonstrated amnesia, does a search through its DNA: the results indicate that this has disappeared from circulation in the last two years for Czech and Russian chased by police because of some "confidential information", but the name is missing. Immediately after the vehicle is attacked by a flock of Vampirz accompanied by their mother . Carnby take on the creatures before the rear door of the ambulance (location from which you can make use of alcohol bottles and bags of blood ) and then coming out of the roof hatch, while Hartford will provide chargers for the gun when he needs it. Once you defeat the creature the doctor will examine the files Carnby discovering his date of birth and the fact that he would centenary. Despite the initial surprise Hartford claims that it obviously is a mistake and proposes to Carnby and Sarah go on with him and Drake, however, the two decided to go alone to the museum.

Trivia Edit

Ambulance crash
  • Both versions in the Xbox360, PS3 than on the PS2 and Wii, you can come across two back ambulances without any trace of the occupants at the park, after the events of the museum (one of which is located in an area of ​​Vampirz hunting. And 'likely that at least one of them is that of William and Drake, were killed by the creatures.

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