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Gender male
Actor(s) Michael Pare
Movie(s) Alone in the Dark II

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Turner was a male character that appeared in second Alone in the Dark Film.


He was carrying a wounded Parker who was afflicted with the Witch's curse, with the help of Turner. While Turner was using the scanner, he stayed with Parker, who gave him the a dagger concealed in a rag. He reassured his wounded companion that they still have a chance to make it out of the park. After the wounded colleage told him they they don't stand a chance out there, Willson notices a nearby public toilets and tells Turner to help him carry Parker to it.

He then proceeded to open the hilt's compartment, containing a small vial of the the witch's heart, where he then smashes it and with a rag, burned it up. However, this did not deter the witch's pursuit, which resulted in all three companions being slaughtered. The three ended up in a morgue at least sometime after that night.

Appearance and attire[]

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