Hair N/A
Status Unknown
Race creatures
Location(s) World of Darkness (film version)
Game(s) The Gates of Hell
Movie(s) Alone in the Dark

Full view of the grown Xeno creature

Adult Xeno

An adult Xeno as seen in the movie

The Xenos (their full name being xenomorphs) were creatures that appeared in the Alone in the dark Film. The creatures originate from another dimension, where thousands of these creatures are sleeping.

History Edit

Whilst working for Bureu 713, Hugdens began abducting orphans from an orphanage home run by Sister Clara, convinving her that it is for the hope of mankind.

Biology Edit

They come in two forms: a small "infant form" and the larger adult which is reptilian in appearance.

Infant xeno

An infant Xeno being taken out of its host by Agent Fischer.

The infant-like form can somehow be inserted into a human body, giving host supernatural strength and endurance. So far at least two people were implanted with the infant variety, James Pinkerton and Carnby. However, Edward's symbiote has already been killed due to the fact that he suffered an electrical shock as a child.

The more mature adult form is a larger creature that is reptilean in appearance.

Prof. Lionel Hudgens takes the hybridization even further by injecting himself with the blood of an adult creature that was trapped in a gold coffin. The effect turns him into a semi-alien as well as the ability to control the monsters.

The xenos were invulnerable to most metals with the exception of the elements 76-79, which includes Osmium, iridium, platinum, and gold.

Trivia Edit

Upon examining a creature in the Brittainia mines, Aline speculated that it might be what the Xenos were like when they grow outside of their human hosts.

  • Upon death, the xenos creaures fade away, like creatures of darkness from The New Nightmare.
  • Xenos, are notoriously similar to the Xenomorph creatures from the Alien franchise.
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