Zombie Chicken
Zombie Chicken1
Gender Unknown
Hair None
Eyes Green
Race Unknown, Speculated.
Location(s) Derceto Manor
Game(s) Alone in the Dark

The Zombie Chicken is the second most common enemy in the original Alone in the Dark, after the Ghouls.

They appear in three rooms of Derceto Manor and on the Cthonian Tunnels. They enter by breaking through windows.


Giant Chicken Monster image

Giant Chicken Monster Attacking Carnby.

The Zombie Chicken's origins are unknown. Its body appears to be that of a chicken, with a stubby tail, large body, and arm structures similar to wings.

However, the creature lacks feathers, has long sharp teeth, and claws on its hands. It is sometimes thought to be a bipedal rat creature. It is also possible the creature is not earthly.

Events of Alone in the DarkEdit


Chicken monster enters through a window.

The Demon Chicken is the first enemy the player encounters in the game. They appear in various rooms with windows throughout the mansion. It is implied that Jeremy Hartwood had known about its existence prior to the player's arrival, as the opening text states that he blocked the window with the dresser. If the player does this, it stops the creature from entering the loft.


The Zombie Chicken is fast and jumpy; close range attacks are discouraged because it strikes much faster than the player's can recover. If using Melee, the best tactic is to kick from a distance

Because of its speed, agility, and ability to stun lock the player, it is recommended to use a gun, either the Rifle or Revolver. However, hit detection issues can cause shots to miss, at which point the monster can close the distance and begin to stun the player.

Dodging around the side of the Zombie Chicken is very difficult to pull off but the one in the tunnels can be jumped around instead. Alternatively some of them are possible to trap by closing doors on them.

Trivia Edit

  • Frédérick Raynal, the creator of Alone in the Dark, revealed in GDC-2012 that the name of the creature is "Zombie Chicken";
  • The Zombie Chicken was the first enemy designed for the game.
  • A famous feature of Alone in the Dark is able to avoid the first clash of the game (with a Ghoul, of course) by moving a wardrobe in front of the window where the monster would come.
  • These creatures are called with contempt by Carnby deranged chickens , or "chickens crazy / insane" in the official guide of the game.
  • Photosaurus and Ophtalmicid appeared in The New Nightmare are inspired by the Ghoul.
  • In movies internal advertising to Atari Alone in the Dark: One , they were used models from a canine monster deleted from Alone in the Dark: Inferno in place of Ghoul.
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